[ 15 January 2022 ]

Bridget Haggerty

Types of Marketing Videos For Your Business

As the number of companies competing for consumers’ attention rise, individual consumer attention falls to accommodate the vast number of content demanding their engagement. This is where video plays a pivotal role in getting your message out there in an easy-to-engage format.

The amount of time people spend viewing online video has grown rapidly across the world, at an average rate of 32% a year between 2013 and 2018. As online video consumption quickly increases, so does video marketing. According to Aberdeen’s latest report “marketers who are using video are seeing (on average) 49% faster growth in revenue.

Creating videos is just as much of a science as it is an art. People want entertaining, informative, and humorous videos. How you go about that depends on the audience you are trying to reach. Most importantly, Google and other search engines rank pages with video higher than pages without video. This means video marketing is a necessity for any business marketing strategy. Below are a few highly effective types of marketing videos to improve your SEO and increase your ROI.

“Video plays a pivotal role in getting your message out there in an easy-to-engage format.”

About Us Video

An About Us Video also known as a Welcome Video or company culture video is essentially a tour of your business for the viewer. Having an about us video on your company’s website can also increase the amount of time they spend on the site. 84% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video. About Us Videos promote your company’s message and can be executed in a number of ways such as animation, images, infographics etc. These videos help the audience better understand your company’s culture.

About Us Videos increase your business “likeability” which has a great influence on customers buying and staying loyal to your business or brand. These kinds of videos are used early on in the consideration stage of the marketing funnel. You need to build a relationship with your customer and the best way to do that is introducing the people behind it and why you do what you do. These videos are not only good for getting customers to like you but are also great for recruitment.

“Prove to customers that you care about them and why you are passionate about what you do.”

An effective about us video needs to have an emotional core. You need to prove to customers that you care about them and explain why you are passionate about what you do. Give your business a face, show off the wonderful people you work with and what makes them such an effective team. You want to tell the customer your story, where you came from and where you are going. Showcase your business’s values and that you mean what you say. Another important factor of a great about us video is taking the customer behind the scenes; transparency is the foundation of trust. A few examples of great about us videos.

Testimonial Videos

Testimonial Videos can be more effective than video ads when it comes to converting prospects into clients. The reason for this is that people are more likely to trust fellow consumers than the companies themselves. 95% of people say that reviews – whether positive, or negative – influence their purchasing decisions. This is referred to as social proof.

Your current and past clients/customers will always be your greatest advocates. If your business has the solution, then your customers will be motivated to spread the word. In order to make the most out of a happy customer, film them talking about their success with your service/product. People talking from their own experience leaves a lasting impression on an audience and is an effective way to sell and promote your business. These types of videos are, more often than not, the determining factor for those who are still undecided during the final stage of the buying process.

“People talking from their own experience leaves a lasting impression on an audience and is an effective way to sell and promote your business.”

Testimonial videos are effective at explaining your product, your company’s culture, and the minutiae of your services from the customer’s point of view. Not everyone can be convinced by your pitch but letting your customers use their own words in a Testimonial Video gives the video authenticity and is much more likely to eliminate skepticism prospects might have.

How-To Videos

How-to Videos, also known as, Instructional Videos, Tutorials, or Do-It-Yourself (DIY) videos, help viewers solve particular problems they might have. Generally these types of videos take the viewer step-by-step through a process and assist them by answering questions and instructing them on how to reach a certain result. How-To Videos use visuals and/or audio instructions to communicate a process clearly and concisely.

Google revealed that How-To Videos earn the most attention of any content category on YouTube. According to data, 7 in 10 YouTube viewers use the platform for help with their work, studies, or hobbies. Depending on your business, it could be tricky figuring out how to produce videos that fit this category but, with some creativity and know-how, you could provide content that consumers demand.

How-To Videos are meant to be viewed on social media channels which allows for broader marketing reach and helps brand awareness. These videos help get accurate information about your product to prospects early in their purchasing journey.

“Google revealed that How-To Videos earn the most attention of any content category on Youtube.”

By creating helpful content like How-To Videos you increase your business’s chances of being purchased over your competitor. How-To Videos also re-engage your existing customers by providing them with relevant content on product usage and affirming brand loyalty while increasing the likelihood of repeat purchases.

Demo Videos

A Demo Video also known as a Product Review Video is an excellent way to showcase and educate viewers on your services or products. Demo Videos allow you to highlight the features of your service or product. These videos are a practical overview of the product or service through the customers perspective and allow you to represent the product in a dynamic way using motion graphics and/or models. This type of video is especially useful if your product has features that are not entirely intuitive. This type of video can also highlight features that the customer might find the most useful.

“Demo Videos cultivate confidence in your audience and get them one step closer to purchasing.”

The biggest benefit of Demo Videos is that they are a more approachable form of media than written articles, which makes them easier to consume repeatedly. Customers are much more likely to watch the same information in a video than reading a long block of text. Demo Videos increase brand engagement and are easily shareable across multiple platforms. Prospects who watch Demo Videos are also more resistant to misinformation from competitors. This helps generate qualified leads and increase sales. Demo Videos cultivate confidence in your audience and get them one step closer to purchasing.

FAQ Video

With any business, service, or products there will be questions. An FAQ Video answers Frequently Asked Questions, hence the FAQ! This type of video can eliminate the time spent answering customer questions and clear any misconceptions there might be about your business—fabricated or otherwise. FAQ Videos are another way to engage your customers and increase your brand awareness.

FAQ Videos are effective during the decision stage of the customer’s journey and for any post-purchasing questions that might arise. Use FAQ Videos to nurture new leads or to re-engage with a customer that has already purchased. FAQ Videos not only answer questions the customer might have but can be used for new employees, business partners, vendors, and the media. This is another way to generate goodwill with your customers and public.

“Use FAQ Videos to nurture new leads or to re-engage with a customer that has already purchased.”

Webinar Video

A webinar or web seminar is a live online conference or presentation that is given in real-time. You can make your webinar interactive and include a Q&A segment with the audience. The goal is to inform participants about what you do, who you are, and what they should do next. Webinars are used to connect companies with new customers, build brand authority, and gain feedback from the audience. Webinars are also useful when launching new services or products or familiarizing your customers with your current services or products.

Webinars can also be used for training and integrating new employees. Webinars can give your employees the necessary knowledge and skills in order to be a successful member of the organization.

1B2B, 2B2C, 3SaaS, 4SMB, and Freelancers can all benefit from hosting or participating in webinars as a way to share their expertise. Much like an in-person seminar, webinars consist of a host or panel of participants. The host or panel general presents for 30-60 minutes. The presenter can allocate time to hear from the audience or pull questions from the live chat. The majority of webinars have fewer than 100 attendees and the majority of those have fewer than 50.

Webinars cultivate quality rather than quantity. The goal of webinars is lead generation. Webinars are generally free but you can charge a fee for admission. Paid webinars can be a source of revenue for speakers who have an established following.

“Webinars are used to connect companies with new customers, build brand authority and gain feedback from the audience.”

Something to keep in mind when planning your next webinar is to schedule strategically, The great thing about webinars is that people from around the world can attend so consider your audience’s schedule and time zone. A B2B audience is much more likely to attend your webinar if it is during the work week, Wednesdays and Thursdays are best. Scheduling is important but nothing to fret about since many of the viewers will likely opt to watch the recording rather than attending live. A great way to learn about what makes a successful webinar is attending them; so go see what’s out there and what works.

Video Marketing

The purpose of video is to communicate concisely about a particular topic, product, or service. Video marketing is a simple and successful method for breaking down complicated concepts and educating customers in an entertaining way.

Long past are the days of suffering through user manuals; videos are a great way to connect with customers and address issues the end-user might encounter. Videos help navigate customers through the intricacies of a product and its features and become familiar with who you are as a business.

A well done video eases the burden of pitching repeatedly to potential customers and frees up your time to focus on high quality prospects. To recap the most popular types of marketing videos are: About Us Video (introducing your business), Testimonial Videos (build credibility and trust), How-To Videos (explain specific topics in detail), Demo Videos (explain the finer details about products/services), FAQ Videos (answer common questions), and Webinar Videos (presenting your business’s expertise).

Video marketing is essential for any business and Haggerty & Haggerty Digital Services is here to help.

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