[ 25 May 2022 ]

Mel Kronen

OK, What is Content SEO?

Or: how blogging boosts your SEO.

Content SEO is a branch of the overall nebulous “SEO” tree. But we in the biz use “Content SEO” as the term to refer to the content on a specific page or site that influences the SEO of the site. In really simple terms: These are your blog posts, articles, or web pages that are specific to your content or services.

Content SEO is one of the most important factors in your site’s overall SEO. You can have the most opetmizedest, specialistest, linkiest site ever – but still not land on the first page of Google, because you don’t have any content that people are searching for.

So what kind of content do you need?
Specifically, you want content that you specialize in, that people will be searching for. This could mean help articles (like this one), information about a specific topic, opinion pieces – you name it. But it should be relevant to your site. For example, if you sell ice cream but decide to write a blog post about the importance of the paper industry… that’s not really going to fly.

Alright, how do you get it?
This is the tricky part: How do you get content? If you’re a business owner, how are you going to carve out time to write a 200-500 page blog every week? Or multiple times per week? And how do you keep finding things to write about?

We have a couple of tips for getting this content, and making sure it’s good:

  1. Pre-load the content.
    Get ahead of yourself, and spend one day a month writing a few really good blogs for your site. These should be 200-400 words minimum, but no more than 1000 words.
  2. Get inspiration from your peers
    If you’re at a loss of what to even write, take a look at what your peers or competition is writing about. We’re not saying you should plagiarize by any stretch, but it’s a good way to see what topics might be trending in your industry, or what people are interested in reading about.
  3. Have fun with it
    People want to read content that they enjoy – so you should also enjoy writing it. Write something silly, or fun, or weird. Write a common pet peeve of your industry. Write weird customer stories. Have fun!

Even with those few tips, you might still be worried about getting started – maybe you’ve never written something like this before. Here’s a great article about writing Content for SEO, and HubSpot has a great beginner’s guide to writing blog posts linked here.

You can also always reach out to us to schedule a free consultation to see how we can help you with your content writing, or how we can help you optimize your site and unify your marketing efforts.