[ 8 June 2022 ]

Mel Kronen

Digital Advertising – To infinity and beyond

How Digital Advertising Works in 2023

When you think of “Digital Advertising,” – what comes to mind? Do you think of banner ads at the top or bottom (or sides) of a page? Do you think of annoying popups? What if I told you that most online advertising isn’t those anymore?

So what is Digital Advertising in 2023?
The internet landscape has changed dramatically, especially in the last few years, due to our lovely, never-ending mistress: the COVID19 Pandemic. More people are online way more often than ever in the pre-2020 years, many of them for business purposes.

Of course, this has changed how people advertise digitally. We’re seeing more and more Google ads, Facebook and Instagram ads, and promoted posts – specifically geared toward their clientele. Ever seen an ad so specific to you, you could swear your phone was listening to you?

It’s not just that your phone is listening to you – but the increasingly robust algorithm and targeting tools these platforms provide their advertisers with. This is the new landscape of Digital Advertising.

What does this mean for you?
This means that to get any traction, you’re now expected to manage 10+ channels pushing content and advertisements simultaneously, which is not exactly super easy for laymen or small businesses, old and new.

This is why we’re also seeing the rise of tools to help business owners grow their advertising humbly from one place – tools such as buffer, Hootsuite, Hubspot, etc. But even still – how do you know what you’re doing is what is best practice? Or even successful? All of these tools throw analytics at you as if you’d know what they mean, without much in the way of support or help with interpretation.

And how do you get all that content put together, quality-checked, published, then analyzed and improved on?

That’s where you may need some help (which we do provide, peep the contact details below), but there are also plenty of free resources for those with the gumption to learn and the determination to make it work.

We recommend our own resources and blog posts (because, of course, we do), but also the ones found on HubSpot or MailChimp. Or, you can always reach out to us for a free analysis of your needs and how we can help you.