About Us

Our Investigative Team

Our team has a combined 50+ years of experience, and we’re all detectives in our own right. We all know how to make the perps talk — with these perps being your barriers to an effective marketing plan. We work together and use our individual strengths to divide and conquer any issues that might arise.

And we’ll solve your mysteries and bring your work to justice.

Brendan Haggerty

Brendan has been an expert in digital marketing for over 30 years. He uses his expertise in many ways, mostly for good. He’s your go-to guy for sussing out any situation and knowing the best way to handle any issue. He’s an avid Lovecraft fan, enjoys kimchi, and spending time with his family.

Holly Haggerty

Holly has devoted her life so far to helping people, and Haggerty Digital follows her mission to do everything we can to help our clients! Holly leads the client onboarding, so if you speak with us, you’ll be speaking with her! Holly enjoys spending time with her family, good books, and learning new things.

Witness interviews

Holly and Brendan Haggerty really go the full length to understand your business, your mission, your visions, and your values. Then they provide digital marketing services that you can understand, trust, and verify. I went to lunch recently with a lawyer, a potential client, who said to me, “You are great at marketing.” I asked him why he said that; I really wanted to know!

“The emails you send me are always interesting, professional, and make me want to know you and your services better. That’s why we’re having lunch today!” Well, that was the goal, and that was completely due to H2 Digital Services.